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Massaman Beef Curry (heat at home) - 700gr (3 serves)

This  curry is one of the specialities from our Thai Chef Natesai 
This dish is fully cooked and delivered to you frozen. 
All you need to do is reheat it  and enjoy it, we recommend to serve it with  rice
How to Reheat 
Defrost the dish in the fridge for a maximum of 24 hours, or couple of hours on kitchen bench.
we recommend you to heat it in a sauce pan on the stove top. Alternatively you could microwave. 
The container is microwave safe. While microwaving we recommend you keep the lid on, with a small gap. Depending on the power rating of your  microwave  keep heating 3 - 5 minutes until it is boiling  hot inside (very important). 

Beef (33%), potato (33%), coconut milk, palm sugar, peanutbutter, massaman paste [lemongrass, garlic, red chilli, shallot, shrimp (fish) paste, shrimp (fish) salt, galangal, coriander seed, cumin, kaffir lime peel, cardamon, cinnamon, nutmeg], salt, vegetable oil.

Contains: peanut, fish.

May contain: sesame.

Servings per package: 3
Serving size: 700 g
Quantity per
Quantity per
100 g
Energy 3290 kJ 470 kJ
Protein 56.2 g 8 g
Fat, total 48.6 g 6.9 g
- saturated 27.6 g 3.9 g
Carbohydrate 28.1 g 4 g
- sugars 7.3 g 1 g
Sodium 1580 mg 225 mg

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I recently tried the Massaman beef curry from Oscars Bakery, and it was phenomenal!

The beef was incredibly tender, and the rich, aromatic curry sauce was bursting with flavor.

The perfect blend of spices created a delightful balance of sweetness and heat. Generously portioned, it was more than satisfying and left me craving more.

The fresh ingredients and authentic taste made it a standout dish. I highly recommend Oscars Bakery for their delicious Massaman beef curry.

Five stars without a doubt!

Narelle ORourke

The Massaman was nice but I wouldn't order it again.

Great curry

Defrosted well. Tasted really nice! Will definitely have again

The boys favourite Beef Curry

I love this - but the males in my house love it more! We add some steamed veggies, a small amount of rice to soak up the beautiful tasty curry juices and heat at home papadums and you have a tasty family meal..
We recently ordered the beef and chicken curries for our curry night - ditto above and our guests loved it!

Absolutely delicious

This was my favourite dish from our first order, tasted delicious with great flavour, soft meat and potatoes. This dish is better than a lot of restaurant mussaman curries.and so quick to prepare.