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2 Spinach & Feta Gozlemes (cook at home)

You no longer have to wait until the multicultural festival to experience the real taste of authentic Turkish gozleme. See details for cooking instructions.


How To cook Gozleme 

  1. Remove the plastic cover.
  2. Defrost the gozleme for about an hour at room temperature (or defrost it in the fridge maximum 24 hours).
  3. Put some oil in a large non-stick pan and lightly fry on both sides until it is golden brown.
  4. You can also cook it easily in a sandwich press 




Wheat Flour, yeast, salt, improver, vegetable oil, (spinach, feta, mozzarella, cream and eggs).


Allergens: Gluten, egg, milk, soy, sulphites.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John Tye
Real good tucker

I didn’t think I would enjoy the Gozlemes, but was I in for a pleasant surprise, an easy enjoyable meal but there was a real temptation to dive in and eat the 2nd one before it was ready because I knew what was coming. Luv em

Belinda Emms
Great week night dinner!

These are great, quick and easy to cook, super tasty, a perfect week night dinner with salad or some steamed greens!

Breanna Cave

These are the best!

Spinach and Feta Gozlemes - cook at home

My family absolutely love these. Around eight minutes in our sandwich press from frozen. Perfect snack or light meal.

Fi P
So fresh and delicious

The best gozleme I've had between here and Turkey. Made with beautiful fresh ingredients, so delicious and the best thing was how easy it was easy to cook.
I can't imagine getting them from anywhere else again.